Fantastic, American Museum Build World’s First Ice Cream

ice cream museum

Who does not like ice cream, all walks of life ranging from children to parents would like. In addition to sweet, tender, and delicious, with ice cream, hot summer would be a fresh and passionate. It inspires creative people in the United States to build the Museum of Ice Cream.

Located right across from the Whitney Museum of American Art in the Meatpacking District Mantahattan, unique museums and the only one in the world is equipped with a variety of unique collection of ice cream that was created more than 30 contemporary American artists.

Opened to the public starting in August 2016, visitors who enter will get a free ice cream is delicious and the opportunity to explore the six-room museum. One of the interesting art installation that can be found is a pond filled with candy ice cream. But unfortunately, the mounds of sweets can not be eaten. Attractive poolside warning it says, “Caution: May cause spontaneous happiness!”

in addition to ice cream, the museum is also a paradise for chocolate lovers. Because there are fountains cokleat that anyone can eat it anytime. Sightings delicious chocolate that melts into a rare sight that would invite tastes. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to feel a seesaw over a bowl of ice cream giant.

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