Gambling poker online Location indonesia Two Players and Operators Arrested

online In addition to having a positive value to add information, the internet also has a devastating impact on society. One of the negative impact is gambling through cyberspace in a number of internet cafes (cafe).
Like the Flower cafe on Jl Menteng Raya, Medan Denai. At this location, cafe owners pretend to provide online gaming services, whereas the games provided are gambling poker.
“The players who want to gamble must exchange the chip to the operator.The exchange rate, 1 M chip, valued Rp1000,” said Kanit Reskrim Polsek East Medan, Iptu Made Yoga, Friday (4/8/2017).
If the player wins this gambling, then the chips earned will be redeemed for money to the operator. Each time swapping 1 M chip, priced Rp900.
“The information we receive every day dozens to dozens of people who come to the cafe to play gambling.What is worried, the average visitor cafe is among teenagers,” said Made from official mikipoker
Because it is very unsettling, Flower cafe then raided. Four people were secured along with evidence of some cash.
The four suspects arrested each Hotnael Hutapea (21) as the operator, M Fadly Lubis (41) and Tumbur Samosir (17) both players, and a spectator Boy Efendi (36).
The police also carried four CPU units, four monitor units, and four mouse units.




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