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Want a new look in mid-2016? Try hairstyles swag predicted to remain trendy until the end of 2017

In recent years, the bob hair style and length bob aka lob was very popular and attracted many top celebrities like Kerry Washington, Nicole Richie, Lily Collins and more.

For the mid-2016’s, the popularity bob haircut and the lob would soon be replaced by a new hair style that swag, which is derived from the abbreviation swinging shag. According to Sunny Brook hairdresser from Los Angeles who is a hairdresser from Lana Del Rey, Chrissy Teigen and Glee star, Dianna Agron, hair style swag is the development of a lob.

Broadly speaking, this swag hairstyle is the hairstyle with wavy texture, has many layers and bangs are adjusted to the shape of the face. This hairstyle was light because of the many layers, and do not need to be drained specifically. Even if the texture of your hair is wavy, you sufficiently dry naturally without a hairdryer, according to the very hot weather lately!

For thin hair and straight, it is recommended to wash my hair with shampoo thickening or volumizing formula. Afterward, use a spray volumizing spray or mousse foam. Dry hair with a hairdryer while hashed and kneaded with fingers. If still not textured, dry after use tool vise corkscrew curls and some parts for dicatok with curls clamp large size, then comb with your fingers.

As for the wavy hair after shampooing, use a gloss serum or glossing serum and a foam or mousse. Knead the hair with your fingers until the texture wave then dry with a natural look without the hair dryer.