Swimming is great, because this sport can nourish the body without providing significant pressure on your joints. But did you know that diarrhea can be transmitted by the pool?

According disease specialist at Stanford Health Care, Dr. Edward Brooks, the most common disease transmitted in the pool is a diarrheal disease.

“This type of disease is usually transmitted when someone accidentally swallows organisms while swimming,” said Brooks.

Organisms that spread when a person with diarrhea, swimming and contaminate the water with infectious microorganisms. After the microorganisms in the water, people who swallowed it at the time, can be a pain.

To protect the body from disease, Brooks explained, is very important for you to make sure all of the pools that you choose is well maintained.

“If you use public facilities, see if it meets the standards pool chlorine and PH balance. But if you have your own pool, try to learn to maintain good water,” he said.

All pools should be cleaned and disinfected with a chlorine product, which is a substance used to kill bacteria, viruses and algae.

“Without the use of these chemicals, the same as we were swimming in a pool of germs,” he said.

In addition to using these chemicals, it is important to take a shower before and after you swim to prevent contracting diarrheal disease. Be sure to clean swimsuit with soap and water after use.